This Is England (2006)
Fuck! He’s so handsome.
Good movie too.

Amores Perros, an excellent film by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Ok ya, a ver Amores Perrrros
pinche peliculón!



Dude… im suppost to tattoo Jedi with something like this

I watched Dear Zachary today. Everyone needs to see this, even though it will completely rip you apart and make you hate everything. I was bawling and shaking from how angry I was at the end. Definitely hard to watch (you can find it on Netflix), but everyone needs to be aware of how fucked our justice system is.

Just watched this on Netflix. I’m a complete mess. I’m sad, pissed off, amazed, thankful and frustrated. I can’t even write right now, this documentary is too much.
But anyways, go watch it. It will seem like the longest hour and a half of your life and it will completely drain you emotionally but it is so worth it.